Saturday, 22 June 2013

welcome to old.vintage.retro

Benham and Froud Victorian jelly mould
old.vintage.retro was set up to reunite antiques and collectables of yesteryear with collectors who will treasure them.

most unusual brass spoon with scorpion handle

Check out my ebay page for the latest auctions and more information about what I buy and sell. 

fabulous chinese buddha-type temple god in bronze

One man's waste is another man's treasure so don't let your loft bear the load of unwanted toys, games, clocks, lamps, ornaments, brass etc when you could free the space and make some cash.  I pay best prices for your unwanted antiques. 

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rare 1980s Boombox  BUY IT NOW

limited edition sculpture of Julius Caesar by  Jose Luis de Casasola
ancient Chinese bronze Buddha figure
ancient Islamic bronze vessel circa 1700

rare 19C Belleek Shamrock basket